How to Build an Airboat

Nothing can possibly beat the excitement of taking a ride on an airboat. Airboats are used for tours, picnic, fishing etc. Building an airboat may be a tad expensive but nevertheless, it is interesting and challenging. When you finally build it, you will beam with pride because it is your baby. Remember that airboats are known for their flat bottom that allows it to navigate easily through marshy areas and swamps. You can use airboats to ride through canals, rivers, lakes, ponds and even through icy, frozen water. Airboats are driven through propellers which are a part of an automobile or an airplane. Though airboats can be made from aluminum, steel and fiberglass, wood is traditionally used for their manufacture. The buoyant nature of wood makes it a preferred choice coupled with the fact that it is durable. To know how to make an airboat, you should familiarize yourself with various parts of a boat. The functionality and shape of every boat part has a telling effect on the way your airboat will be made. Though professional boat builders can make airboats quickly, you can also learn it with some guidance. Take the help of an expert who will tell you as to how you can give shape to the wood for the boat, and how you can assemble and fit the parts of the airboat properly. Here is how you can build your very own airboat:

Building The Airboat

  1. To build an airboat, you will need a hull, a propeller, an engine and seats with seat belts. You can use lawnmower engine and turbines to power your airboat. Research for areas that you can get these parts. You can also check the internet to see where you can get propellers and engines at a good deal.
  2. The propeller for the airboat should be of the same size as an airplane propeller. Make sure you buy a big metal cage to fit it in.
  3. Build the bottom of the airboat with the help of cheap, lightweight plywood. The standard size of the plywood sheet is 4′x 8′.
  4. Use oak wood or cedar wood as building material for airboat because both of them are durable and easy to make.
  5. The length of a normal airboat is 12 feet 10 inches. The hull depth is 14 inches, the beam is 7 inches and the weight of the hull is around 270 pounds.
  6. Invest in quality seats with seat belts for the comfort of passengers who will be using the airboat.